Author: OpsidianAI

New release – improved permissions and increased AWS service coverage

A new version of Opsidian is out! Opsidian now supports CloudWatch and Auto Scaling Groups.

We also added an improved permission scheme, allowing for more granular control of who in your Slack team can access the /ops command.

Please let us know how we can make the service better by sending us feedback directly from Slack, just /ops feedback <your feedback> or email us to

Chatops at the AWS Serverless Chatbot Contest

We love chatops, so it’s been a while since we started playing with the idea that Slack + NLP + AWS would be a killer combo to help us with our workflow.  When we heard AWS was having a contest for Slack bots we decided to jump right in. We created a bot that lets you run query AWS  from Slack, either with natural language or the CLI commands. The results are echoed for the whole team to see. It’s quite handy, you can try it out at

We had experience working with Lambda and have been working on NLP and bots for a while, so it went nice and smooth. We all worked on the bot for weeks and we where quite happy with the result. We spend the weekend whipping up a demo video.

You can see our submission over at Devpost. Let us know how you like it 🙂 We have been working on the bot since then. Increasing it’s AWS service coverage, adding permissions, etc. we will be doing a release after the contest judging is done.